Web Developer

Project 01


A minimal, yet versatile, communication system.

Project details

'Port' | Web app | First published: December 2020


To create a chat app that's uses cutting edge technology to feel more organic, intimate and tactile than the ones we commonly use. With some unique, fun features (such as live typing), no account required to start, fluid animations and the darkest dark mode ever.

How I accomplished it

First I built a prototype where messages where sent through fetch requests that would store and retrieve message/user data from a database [React, Node/Express, REST API, MongoDB/Mongoose]. Then I created an early visual design system [Figma] and a features roadmap, and proceeded to architect the instant messaging system, while I studied and prototyped with websockets []. I completed a minimum viable product and took it live [Netflify, Heroku].


Project 02

Tana's art gallery

Letting art be front and center.

Project details

'Tana's art gallery' | Artist showcase | First published: January 2021


To create a straightforward and professional-looking artist showcase. To give the artist pride in her craft and trajectory. To let her add and edit content easily.

How I accomplished it

I started by sketching a visual identity using Figma and decided on the white theme to evoke a gallery experience. I chose React to give it a smooth, single-page-application feel, and Gatsby to improve SEO. I set up a database system where the the artist can easily add works and information on a spreadsheet, and the site automatically retrieves and displays this data. I set up a contact form with Netlify Forms and Zapier.


Project 03

Jose's Barbershop

Easy access, happy customers.

Project details

'Jose's Barbershop' | Storefront | Prototype


To design a modern and attractive storefront for a small business, where customers can easily get relevant information and book an appointment.

How I accomplished it

I did a thorough research on sites of similar businesses and took note of many wins and errors. I designed a visual identity that would express an modern and dynamic attitude, while still showing love for the tradition of the barberhop ritual. I created mockups for different screen sizes [Figma, Photoshop].



Hi, I'm Sania.
I'm based in Berlin and I specialize in Front-end Web Development.

After a few years in tech-adjacent jobs such as graphic design and social media management, in 2019 I decided that I would stop dreaming about building software myself and finally go for it.

Then in 2020 I turned lemons (lockdown life) into lemonade by studying full-time until I was able to make the jump, and now I do this professionally and keep devouring as much information as I can about technology and the Internet.

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